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Khande Ton Khalsa | Jazzy B

Surakh - Ramneek Dhaliwal

Armaan Bedil | #Unplugged

Aiesle - This is Me


Rukh (Cover) | Aman Gahir

One-Stop Solution for Video Songs Production

Step into the world of MadGaze Films to avail of magnificent video production services for your music creations. Your creativity will get an immense boost with our elegant styles of music videos. Video song creation requires the mind of skilled professionals who can also help in promoting the same to reach the audience. We are the leading production company in Punjab helping artists to create videos professionally.

Since the advent of our video production vertical, we as DG Group has become a video production partner for most popular artists in the industry. We are proud to share that the target audience lauds our exclusive videos across the world, helping young and established artists to promote their video. Top-tier artists such as Jazzy B, Gurnazar, Armaan Bedil, and many others are our clients and consider us as the prime video production house for their upcoming creations.

Our approach of Video Songs production is entirely different from that of the others. We input our expertise and do detailed research regarding the concept of the songs, finalize the scripts, fix a location, and give our best resources to create a masterpiece that will make your songs more appealing to the crowd.

Video Songs production: What a blooming artist needs

The first thing that comes in the mind of an audience is a superb video with the latest songs created by a favourite artist. This is where the importance of a beautiful and relatable video lies. As a leading Video songs production house, we have listed the reasons for adding videos to your songs for you.

  • Visual representation : An audio song connects the sense of hearing only. A video, on the other hand, engages sight and hearing at the same time. You can easily understand that the impact on an audience will be higher. Creative music videos will add more impact. In fact, it will convey the exact message that a song intends to. Hence, this escalated perception of a video song will definitely make your creativity reach out to the admirers. Both audio and video stimulations are required in today’s competitive music industry.

    We are equipped with professional technicians and artists who understands the process and brings out something new. Our music video directors have come up with a unique idea to direct and present the video that will not be only liked but shared by millions. Our expert DOP (Director of Photography), Director and assistant directors and others create a compelling team to work with.

  • Introducing the right elements : Ask yourself a question. Why the audio songs of a film become a sensation? The answer is their videos make a huge impact on the fans. They wait for the video release of such songs. The same benefit is included in an album too. By hiring an avid music video director and our team, you can produce the best videos. We will include the right elements in the videos and make your skill more creative. The ultimate aim is to make the video sensation in all sense.
  • Promotional features : A video album is easier to promote. Due to the reasons mentioned above, video songs get featured on the local and national music channels. Promoting an audio album via advertisements does not have a proper impact on the audience whereas extravagant video songs penetrate the minds and create a permanent impression. Hence, the promotional segment of a new album becomes highly successful. We work on promoting the album to create the hype among the audience. Our creative video editor will do the job for you.
  • Revealing your passion : A song sends a message to the listener. This message becomes louder and more impactful when it in audiovisual mode. This is what a music video shoot is aimed at. The lyrics of a song will be analyzed and then the video shooting plot will be decided. Scene by scene, the video will be shot and compiled after proper editing. The visual effects and the other elements in the video song will reveal your passion and skills perfectly to the audience.
  • Storytelling : Every video song has a story to tell. A story that every admirer can relate to his/her life. The visualization of the story can only be done aptly when it is shot with the best infrastructure and in the right style. The choice of characters, dresses, actors, and plots are the most important elements of a video song apart from the storyline and the music. This is where the prowess of a versatile Music video shoot company comes to the role.

    The best professionals in the team handling their respective departments will coordinate and create a beautiful world for every video you want the audience to be in. The new style of telling a story through a video song will entice the audience. It will inspire them by touching the right emotional spot.

  • Creating a brand : It becomes a lot easier to create a brand value of an artist with the aid of video songs. Every audio song falls in a particular genre. The skills of an artist and a video presented makes a difference. The performance of the artist in the song along with the script and direction will create the brand. Once a good video is shot, it can be used as an excellent element to promote the talent of an artist in social networking portals and TV channels.

Why choose MadGaze Films?

MadGaze Films is one of the verticals of Designogram Group, lauded by the popular musicians and artists in the industry. We have been one of the most sought-after video production houses that leading stars and upcoming artists prefer to work with and produce their songs. We provide a turnkey solution to all video producing requirements for singers and musicians. Our team comprises of handpicked experts from all domains to provide a brilliant service to our clientele.

Reasons why make us the best film production house in Punjab-

  • Understanding the requirement : We understand the specific requirement of the industry and deliver the ideal resources and services as needed. It is our prowess to feel the concept and catch the latest fads of the audience. Hence, our professional music video shoot will be the best element you need for showcasing your artistic creativity.
  • Complete service : From designing a unique concept to employing the most suitable resources, we are the right production house Punjab to hire and avail of all kinds of video shooting and editing services. You can rest assured that our way of creating new videos will be the best way to promote your talent and construct a strong platform for you. Once we understand the requirement of the artist we then decide the location, shoot ideas and execute it.

  • Online promotion : The best part of hiring us is to avail of the other verticals to promote your talent. Our digital marketing vertical, Designogram will serve you to promote your song online and get more hits. Your video songs will reach the target audience with the help of our designed online strategy and will be lauded by all. Saada Ludhiana, Our influential marketing service will also create a tremor in the music industry for your music videos. You can check our profile presented with some already viral videos by top artists of Punjab. We are committed to helping your creativity expand and reach out to the maximum audience.
  • We input emotions : Our avid music video director inputs the right blend of emotions in the video songs to create an appeal that the audience will not be able to escape. It is because of our expertise, we have successfully worked with the top artists in the industry.
  • We prefer fresh talents : The music world is always looking for fresh talents. We are here to provide the ideal platform for fresh talents to produce their video songs and get featured on the TV channels and social media platforms. Choose our Punjabi song video shoot service and online marketing assistance to become popular.

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We believe in bringing your dream into reality by providing a complete package from planning to the curation of a story to direction at Madgaze. If you are talented and want to outshine amongst the crowd, then co connect with us for professional guidance and to help your emotions reach the larger platform via visual presentation blended with your soulful voice.

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