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Freezing your pre-wedding moments to treasure for life

Welcome to the world of MadGaze Films, a venture of Designogram Group, where your memorable moments get frozen in frames. Our pre-wedding photography and video production services will be the best element in your pre – wedding video plan you have been hatching for months.

What is pre-wedding video and photography?

Every couple wants some special moments to be captured that they can treasure for a long. A pre-wedding shoot is a way to make couples comfortable with each other. A small session of photography to capture the moments of love and mischief before both the bride and bridegroom tie the knot is called pre-wedding photography. Everything is directed and conducted by a professional team of Pre-wedding photographers.

Couples can choose either a lavish palace, beach, resort, hills or any specific location as per choice to allow the photographer to capture their candid & surreal moment. We, at MadGaze Films, have been capturing these couply moments with some unique ideas to make the pre wedding photoshoot in Ludhiana look beautiful. In fact, our team come up with a script to make it more realistic and prepare couples for the same. This makes it easy to capture every moment uniquely.  

In western countries, couples arrange a pre-wedding dinner and photo-shoot as a rehearsal. This creates a manicured moment for the wedding planners and bride as everything falls in the right place. Hence, adding the latest trends and technologies to shoot breathtaking candid photos and videos will need a rehearsing platform. This service will capture the moments of your single days with the love of your life before tying the knot and make them a timeless masterpiece.

Why pre-wedding photoshoot is important?

Pre-wedding video and photography have got many other purposes. The reasons for deciding to do a Pre-wedding photoshoot are mentioned below.

  • A masterpiece creation : When you hire an expert, you will be able to add a Candid pre-wedding photoshoot event to prepare a beautiful album and Pre-wedding video as your prized possession.
  • A trial period : You will get a chance to try new dresses, get your hair done, and find stylish poses to shoot beautiful photos. This cannot be done unless there is an occasion. This photo-shoot is ideal for such requirements.
  • Forget camera consciousness : Pre-wedding photoshoot prepares the couple to eliminate the camera fear. We do come across couples who are not camera friendly. Although this is a challenge, our team of experts make it easy for a couple by having some fun moments. After a pre-wedding shoot, you will become naturally confident.
  • Ice-breaking : Practicing ones will break the ice with the crew and you can easily understand their instructions on a special day. In fact, they will also perceive your expectations and act accordingly. Hence, it will become easier to freeze the perfect moments for life.
  • Personalized guestbook : Your invitation cards and guestbook will become more appealing and fascinating for the invitees with your Pre-wedding shoot photos. You can add any of the best candid photos on the invitation card or on a prop to make it look appealing.
  • Slideshow during reception : The masterpiece photos and videos can be used to showcase on a screen on the reception day to make the venue merrier. When you hire the Best pre-wedding photographer from us, you get every service under a single roof.
  • The perfect wedding album : Come up with a beautifully featured wedding album and cherish the golden memories in the photos and videos forever.  We will offer a separate album of pre-wedding engraved with personalized messages.
  • Decorating your home with memories : The beautiful photos will become the perfect elements in your home’s interior décor. This is the ideal way to start a new life with your better half. You can create frames and personalize to hang on the wall. Isn’t this a beautiful way to keep the memory alive whenever you see them?
  • Adding trends to life : Remarkable styles, excellent designs, beautiful concepts and top-notch technology will be incorporated to make your video and photo-shoots extravagant.

 Why MadGaze Films?

Your wedding earmarks a new phase in your life. You will spend the rest of your life with your love weaving dreams and make new memories. Why not make the pre-wedding days more special? Here we are to offer a turnkey solution for all kinds of trending pre-wedding video and photography services.

The reasons for choosing us are mentioned below.

  • Commitment and dedication : How can you capture the moments that will make you happy in the future? By hiring the best wedding photographer, you can assure proper capture of the moments in a pre-wedding shoot, engagement, and wedding ceremonies. Everyone will be busy the entire day. Only a professional team of photographers and crew will find out the right ways to capture the angles and frame them. From day one, you will find commitment and dedication from our end. Every request and requirements will be met with the utmost precision and professionalism.
  • Incorporating innovative ideas : You might have seen new ideas on the magazines or in the albums of pre-wedding, engagement, and wedding photographers. How about creating a new theme and incorporating the latest trends in the industry for your pre-wedding shoot? With us, you will find a plethora of ideas to choose from. We will also assist you to decide the best ideas and make the videos and photos extravagant.
  • Latest Equipment : To make the candid pre-wedding photoshoot appealing, we have a complete set of camera gears. From drone to the high-end lens, our team is well-trained to use these gears and make the shoot easy. We tailor the shoot and equipment according to the budget and overall plan. When it comes to the quality we believe in no-compromise and ensure you get the value for your money and time spent on the shoot.
  • One-stop solution : There are so many things to organize and engage in a wedding. The pre-wedding days will be very busy for a couple. Why waste your time and resources when you can find the best services under a single roof? No need to break a sweat for video and photography when we are here to serve you with the best resources. Being a venture of the Designogram Group, we have the best infrastructure to make your wedding photography another memory to add to your new life. Avail of our services in a single deal and let us handle it from there.
  • Save on resources : Hiring a turnkey service for your video and photography requirements will also help you save many resources. You can rest assured that our top-notch Pre-wedding photography cost will be within your budget. Expect the best effort from us without spending a fortune. We understand how stressful an Indian wedding can be. The pre-wedding shoot price is competitive enough to save money. Here we are to tackle one part of the wedding and reduce your stress.

The pre-wedding photography cost involves travelling between locations, props and editing. We discuss everything with couples, prior to the shoot and finalize the thing.

  • Professionalism at every step : In a pre-wedding shoot, a couple gets to understand a team of versatile photographers. Travelling to a location and shoot photos and videos is a fascinating experience. Professionalism is the key here. Our crewmembers will take care of all the requirements. All you have to do is to visit the place and follow the instructions. Our pre-wedding shoots include plenty of fun engagement. Our team will do a walk-through to the location decided and plan the shoot accordingly. Your pre-wedding album will be magical. Our team will be there to find the right moment and assist you to give the best poses during shooting a photo/video. In fact, every relative, family member, and the invitee will appreciate our professional way of handling the requirements without causing any hindrance in the ceremonies.
  • Detailing is the key : Our brilliant photographers are keen observers. They know that photo soot ideas and poses vary due to the differences in the physical attributes of individuals. This is where we make a difference in the industry. You will see that our elegant ideas will make your pre-wedding video and photo albums unique and praiseworthy.

MadGaze Films: Our professional team

MadGaze Films, a vertical of DG Group, has become a household name for pre-wedding video and photo shoots. Apart from wedding photography, we make business videos, promotional videos, corporate films, ad films, etc for our clients from different industries. Our combined experience and the urge to serve you the best give us unique ideas to utilize and make this requisite a memorable moment in your life.

The beautiful moments of your pre-wedding days will be frozen and framed in a pristine way. We give the right shape to your memories. Contact us for further details and hire us as your photography partner.

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