Fashion Photography

Photoshoots that capture the essence of every moment

Engraving a moment in time by capturing its beauty in a photograph is what we do at MadGaze Films, a venture of Designogram Group. We excel in all kinds of photography features right from fashion photography for brands to doing portfolio shoots for budding as well as established models. A good picture is worth a thousand words and with our creative and aesthetic services, we instill life in still photography.

Taking a picture is an art as it creates an everlasting impression on anyone who sees it. Our elegant style is reflected in our work and it captures the natural beauty of models in a portfolio shoot. Photoshoots require skilled professionals who can take pictures that help in promoting the products to the audience. MadGaze Films is a leading name in fashion and portfolio photography in north India and a name that spells professionalism.

We are the preferred choice for hi-end fashion brands who wish to promote their products by getting a photoshoot done by expert professionals. We specialize in shooting portraits, creating portfolios of models, and conceptualizing garment shoots for clothing brands, organizing a jewellery shoot, and bridal shoots.

Our clients include names like Riwaaz, The Print Shop, Nilibar, The Indian Bride, Modeve and their testimonials for our work show the trust they have in our services. The amalgamation of expertise with research gives our clients a perfect photoshoot. We do detailed research regarding the concept, fix the location, and arrange for the best resources to deliver fabulous pictures to our clients.  

Photoshoots and the action behind the lens

A picture shows what was in front of the camera lens but a lot of action takes place behind that lens. It is where the concept of the photoshoot is born and the groundwork is done.  We at MadGaze Films undertake all kinds of photoshoots and provide an adequate framework to the clients for making it a success.

  • Garment photoshoot
    Clothing brands need to showcase their products in various online as well as offline mediums and a good garment photoshoot is a perfect way to advertise their products to the customers. Our garment shoots display the specifications, color, and fit of the garment, making it look appealing. We have done photoshoots for many hi-end clothing brands and our model shoot for garments has been a great success in Punjab. 
  • Jewellery photoshoot
    Jewellery enhances the beauty of a woman and our photoshoots enhance the beauty of your baubles. We create the perfect setting for showcasing the jewellery for our clients and our pictures portray every speck of beauty of the piece. The picture of a jewellery piece must be able to create a desire in the heart of the viewer to own it and we craft that magic in the pictures with our expertise.
  • Portfolio photoshoot
    A good portfolio is the best accessory for any model in the world of glamour. When we organize a portfolio shoot for our clients, we give them the best locations and arrange all the ancillary services for them like make-up and hairstyling. We take care of every detail that goes into making the photoshoot a success. The perfect lighting, the perfect location, and a picture that brings out the beauty and grace of the model; that is what we aim for in every shoot. Models send out their portfolio to various casting agencies, and their selection on the first stage depends on the quality of their portfolio. You wouldn’t want to settle for anything other than perfect for giving a boost to your career, right?
  • Bridal shoots
    A woman wants to cherish the moments when she was on the threshold of entering a new stage of her life, and that is her wedding. The glow on the face of a bride, the nervous excitement, and the high octane energy around her; all this can be captured in a bridal shoot. We capture not just the beauty of the bride in the pictures but also every moment of her day. Her bridal attire, her accessory, and the bride flaunting the bridal grace are all a part of our fabulous bridal photo shoots. Create everlasting memories of your special day with a bridal shoot that you will cherish forever.

Why MadGaze Films are the perfect fashion photographers in Punjab

  • We understand your requirement
    We understand the specific requirement of our clients and the industry and deliver the ideal services and resources needed to do professional photoshoots. Following the latest trends and employing the latest photography techniques and equipment is our forte. Our pictures reflect our artistic creativity.
  • We provide the complete service
    From conceptualizing a unique shoot and creating the right ambiance to setting the backdrop for the models and products, we provide the best services for fashion photography in Punjab. Our professionals provide the complete service required for a photoshoot.
  • We add the emotional input
    We take pictures that help customers connect with the product, be it a garment or a jewellery piece. Our pictures make them look exquisite by bringing out their best features. We do portraits bridal shoots that encapsulate the emotions and the enthusiasm of the bride in every frame. The candid pictures of the bride will be the centerpiece of her house forever.
  • A platform for fresh talents
    We encourage budding talents in our photoshoots and provide them a platform to give a boost to their career. Modeling freshers can choose our portfolio services to curate a portfolio that would help them promote their talent in the industry.
  • We have an eye for detailing
    Our professional photographers are skilled in suggesting the perfect make-up, attire, and pose for your pictures. The perfect way to present a garment or a jewellery piece goes a long way in creating a masterpiece.

MadGaze Photography: Professional photography excellence

MadGaze Films, a vertical of DG Group, is now a leading name a household name for fashion photoshoots. Along with fashion photography, we also cover fashion shows. With our unique concepts, we create the ideal framework for your garments and jewellery products. Our expertise, coupled with a dedicated team, will make these photoshoots memorable for you. 

We endeavor to make your pictures reflect the best in you.  Contact us for further details, and let us make your photos look like the canvas of an artist.

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