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A corporate video is an innovative way that helps business organizations to showcase their company profiles along with the products and services they offer. Excellent and fast growth in digital technology has resulted in the convergence of corporate video with other forms of media production. Corporate videos produced using the styles of and techniques of TV advertising and broadcast television has become a popular mode to reach a wider audience. Corporate videos combine powerful audio and video elements with the intention of generating a more emotional appeal to a targeted audience.

Why has Madgaze Films initiated corporate video production service?

The realization that how corporate videos can be effective for competing with the ongoing competition has inspired business organizations to create corporate videos. Madgaze Films has come forward to cater to all the needs regarding corporate video production so that they can establish brand awareness among a wider range of audiences. We aim to produce the best corporate videos to offer the following benefits to our clients.

  • As image attracts people more than words, we assemble engaging content in the form of corporate videos to enhance communication. Corporate videos emotionally attach the audience with a brand. Hence, it helps businesses in building the trust of their targeted audience.
  • Companies need to build engagement as well as the right kind of communication with the customers to grow online sales. Besides good content, an effective video also helps businesses in driving traffic and engagement.
  • Madgaze Films has innovated in factory video production, industrial video production, and industrial tutorial videos production to introduce new scopes in the hiring process or employee training.
  • An appealing corporate video plays an important role in making a website unique and conspicuous from its competitors. Engaging corporate videos exert a high impact on your audience and attract their attention.

Important elements that make our corporate videos more engaging

Madgaze Films is a renowned corporate video production company in India that assembles interesting elements in corporate videos in an engaging manner so that viewers get influenced. Professional corporate video editors are our assets. Their constant effort and innovation have marked our uniqueness in commercial video production from the rest of the corporate video makers and we make the best company introduction videos also.

  1. Short engaging management-staff interviews offer real information to the viewer.
  2. Testimonials from clients ensure the credibility of the brand.
  3. Our videographers capture visuals and turn them in engaging corporate videos.
  4. Scripted voice narrations attach more people factually.
  5. On-screen graphics have the potential to offer the audience a great aesthetic treatment.
  6. Our expert video editors assemble music to attach audiences emotionally. Using different tracks, they highlight different issues in a video.
  7. Text pages with proper information easily explain different points to customers. So, we try to add them to most of our videos for better engagement.

Corporate video production process

Our professionalism lies in delivering engaging corporate video content to clients in the most accessible way. We have become a reliable source in commercial videography, commercial photography, industrial photoshoot for following all the systematic steps of video production.

  1. Pre-production: In this planning phase, our experts spend time in storyboarding and scriptwriting. Before stepping towards the video production stage, we discuss our plans with our clients to ensure that all their requirements have been met. This phase includes the budgeting discussion for the whole process with our clients.
  2. Video production: It is the most crucial of industrial videography. Our experts gathered different elements that they are going to incorporate in a video. They prepare everything from industrial photography to interviews in this phase. Our videographers are experienced in the field of videography and their knowledge enables them to capture video and photos from exact perspective and angle which makes a good corporate branding videos.
  3. Post-production: The final editing stage is handled with great care. It involves the piecing together of filmed footage. Our experts efficiently incorporate other forms of editing such as the addition of soundtracks, effects, animations to make the corporate videos perfectly presentable. They can manage the task as efficiently as they handle factory photoshoot. Their creativity lies in presenting the captured video clips with ideal effects, soundtracks, and animations.

After the final production, we hand over the video to our clients. Our creativity and dedication have led us to achieve extreme client satisfaction with the best corporate videos.

The types of corporate videos we offer

With more than 5 years of experience in video production, we have been able to offer you a wide range of corporate videos. Our experts leave a mark of excellence in different types of corporate video. We have become a favorite choice for many businesses in India for the variety we have introduced.

  • Product promotional video :  Brands that are going to launch a new product must use product promotional videos to attract the attention of potential buyers. Knowing all details about the product, we create product promotional videos to help organizations in ongoing a step further in the promotion of the products. We try to engage your targeted audiences by highlighting different selling points in your products through promotional videos and Industrial tutorial videos for your new product to be launched in market.
  • Event video :  These videos have become a useful mode for engaging the audience in your company. We produce unscripted and natural event videos to emphasize your company culture to the audience. Hire us to get the best company introduction video within your budget. Corporate event videos work well in the promotion of your brand while edited in an engaging manner.
  • Brand film : Brand films have become popular in showcasing the uniqueness of a brand from others offering the same services or products. Introduce yourself to your targeted audience using the mode of brand films. We specialize in producing brand films for establishing brand identity.
  • Company profile video : We produce company profile videos to let your audience know about your brand. It has turned out to be a beneficial mode of telling the targeted audience about your company’s history and giving them an insight into the success your company has achieved.
  • Corporate recruitment video : Corporate recruitment videos give prospective employees an insight into the benefits of working with you. Our videographers and video experts know how to produce engaging corporate recruitment videos to attract employees. They implement their knowledge in the best possible manner to give you the best result you deserve. Consult with us to make corporate recruitment videos more effective.
  • Customer testimonial video : Testimonials always appear to be beneficial to convince your targeted audience to avail of the service you offer. If you include customer testimonials in your corporate video, you can engage more people in your service. While they get to know about someone praising your service or products, they naturally get influenced to rely on you. Collaborate with us to make an effective customer testimonial video and see its magic.
  • Case study video : A case study regarding clients’ success using your product can help you to gain trust of new customers. We know how to make case study videos more engaging to convince more customers to go for the product or service you offer.
  • Exhibition video : A video can easily provide information about the product and services offered by the company. Buyers get more benefited with video content than written content while searching for the beneficial aspects of a product or commercial photography is also an option for your brand to get recognized from others.. An exhibition video exhibits detailed product information to clients. Get in touch with us to explore more about corporate branding videos.

We also do Commercial Photography such as Industrial Photoshoot and Factory photoshoot to be used for your website or company brochure along with product photography of your manufactured items to be showcased on your e-commerce website. Being under Designogram Group, we are able to leverage our expertise in exponential branding of your brand. Visit our portfolio and have a detailed look.  

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